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Highlights from Terroir Noir wine entrepreneur report

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The year 2020 brought pronounced industry and consumer attention to Black wine entrepreneurs and professionals. Yet, the study data indicate that industry actions, which have included investments in scholarships, acquisitions, and distribution support, have been received with cautious optimism. Clearly, financial support has been revealed as a vital gap for BWE, since many rely upon personal funding to start and sustain their businesses. Industry leaders can invest directly in Black-owned enterprises, allocate shelf space to them nationally, and create educational partnerships that prepare these firms to scale up for broader distribution and product line expansion.

Perhaps as important for newer entrants are immersive experiences and deep one-to-one mentorship by wine and related category veterans. Since distribution and regulation are cited as key challenges, human capital in the form of existing relationships, negotiation acumen, and knowledge would likely be valuable for younger businesses. Additionally, the survey reveals that 60% of respondent BWEs employ diversity in their marketing communications; the industry, overall, should examine its representation of racial and other forms of diversity in its promotions and media coverage.

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